plain text email vs html templates

Why Plain Text Looking Emails Beat Fancy Email Templates

When it comes to email marketing the key is to keep your messages simple and focused.

While it is a lot easier nowadays to design a great looking email with all kinds of images and buttons using drag and drop editors like the one we have in Feedb, it is proven that your audience prefers that you don’t overdo it.

People like to read personable email coming from people not “companies”

An email coming from “David from Feedb” has a lot more chances of being opened than one from “Feedb”

People like natural emails, not lengthy canned responses

When was the last time you read an email that needed heavy scrolling? keeping your messages short and sweet and with simple content helps it be more “natural”  and reduces the time commitment needed to process the info.

People avoid heavy image based emails

A study made by Hubspot shows that adding an a.GIF image to an email decreased opens by 37% and that increasing HTML elements to an email lowered opens by 23%.

Email providers limit HTML elements

For instance, Gmail won’t display images in an email if coming from an unknown sender

So, in summary, the key is to keep your email list segmented so your email messages are targeted and not generic, keep your actual message simple, short, and sweet, and keep the from and subject as personable as possible.

Because of all this key facts we have added an option to use a “Plain Text” email template to the Feedb email editor so your message looks more natural while still being able to use the drag and drop content options.

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