Your Own Website As a Review Source in Google

Google allows you to get your own reviews directly from customers and gives you the chance to be seen as your own review source given that you keep it real and optimized with the tagging that makes it easy for them to crawl. This is an opportunity that you should take advantage of. At Feedb we have made it super easy for you to do so.

Here are the steps needed to make it happen:

1) Create a section within your website and call it something like “Reviews” or “Customer Reviews”

2) Get to the “testimonial widget” section inside the “settings” menu in your Feedb account and  in “quantity” checkmark “show all” with option “show promoters” and in “display options” check “average rating”. Then just copy the code and paste it into your new section inside your website.

3) Last, inside the Feedback section within Feedb mark the ones you want to show in your site as “show in widget”

That is it! From now on everything you mark as “show in widget” will be displayed inside the review section inside your website and will be seen as your own content (not an iframe). Plus it has an overall rating for Google to crawl and everything is tagged the way Google likes it.

See how Google sees “Weekend Maids” as its own review source and displays the reviews section inside the site with the star rating. You will also see how the Feedb Microsite is seen as a separate review source and shown along with “Weekend Maids” in the Google Local Listing under “Reviews from the Web”

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