Make Customer Feedback your
#1 Growth Engine.

Get more local visibility, word-of-mouth and repeat business by collecting valuable feedback, attracting more reviews and sending targeted messages and offers automatically.

Made for local businesses

Feedb success steps

 Send personalized surveys, offers and messages by email & sms to grow your reviews, word of mouth, repeat and referral business, automatically!

Feedb integrates with lots of review sites including:

Improve Your Local SEO & Repeat Business

Feedb automates the feedback request process and allows multiple ways to generate more  1st & 3rd party reviews. Plus, smart automation rules you define keep your company fresh in your customer's mind.

  • Attract more reviews in the sites that make a difference
  • Showcase reviews in your website with Google's schema mark-up
  • Send offers and messages via SMS and/or Email

Feedb is a complete and automated solution to collect customer feedback, get more reviews, increase local visibility, increase leads, get referrals and more repeat business.

Easily Add Contacts 

Adding contacts to Feedb is super easy, it can be done manually one by one, importing in bulk or automatically thru an integration.

Improve Your Branding

All emails and SMS mesages, feedback screens and Feedb Microsite are fully customized with your brand. Also, customers will love to see you have a feedback system in place.

Automate And Forget

Feedb handles sending of feedback requests and offers, reminders and replies with your predefined settings so you are free but in control.  

Gain Valuable Insights

Get the metrics and insights you need to measure and improve customer satisfaction overtime. You will always be listening and adapting with fresh data.

Establish Credibility

Feedb improves your reputation by attracting more and better 3rd party reviews and also attracting and showcasing 1st  party reviews in your website.

Stay In Constant Contact 

Send a coupon 30 days after a service call and another one after 1 year. Send a happy holiday email, Feedb handles it all with built in content and automations that save you time.

Email & SMS Marketing

Built-in Email and SMS marketing that handles contact subscription management, mass sends, scheduled sending, database filtering and more.

Coupons and Referrals

Easily create branded coupons to attract repeat business and referrals. Show on your website, send by Email/SMS, add to automations and track activity.

Time To Build Your Own Growth Engine!

Our team is here to help you build the customized growth engine your business needs.  During the 14 day free trial you will experience the full power of customer feedback thru Feedb to help you grow.

“Takes the pain out of asking for reviews!”

Teresa I.  |   ProAdvisor

“Most effective method we have used to get feedback and positive reviews for our company”

Mr Plumber