Connect your Quickbooks Online Account with Feedb and Turn It into an Unstoppable Growth Machine!

Get more feedback, reviews and repeat business automatically!

3 Easy Steps to Automatic Growth:

Step 1.
Sign up for a Feedb account and connect it to your QBO account

Step 2.
Book and attend an online session with a Feedb Specialist, so we recommend and create automations with your input completely customized for your unique needs

Step 3.
See how feedback, reviews and more new and repeat business keep kicking in automatically!

Sounds Great But...How Does It Work Exactly?

Once connected, Feedb will organize your QBO customers into a dynamic database ready to be used in smart campaigns that increase your customer loyalty, your word of mouth exposure and the repeat business you get.

With Feedb you will know who is who, automatically segmenting your customers into meaningful groups that identify who your promoters are, which customers are being lost to competitors or which customers are not happy with your service.

More importantly, Feedb will take automated actions at the appropriate times and to the right customers, tailoring the action type to each individual case. So for example, a customer that hasn’t come back in over 6 months will get a special “we miss you” coupon by email or SMS while a customer that just did a transaction gets a feedback request and a “Thank You” coupon that expires soon to promote a faster repeat visit.

Feedb is Deeply Integrated with QuickBooks Online

Feedb not only imports your QBO customer database, it also has access to your invoice activity knowing when invoices and sales receipts are created or paid, when estimates are created and even what classes are being used giving your marketing machine true superpowers for super effective marketing automations.

Feedb Does The Heavy Lifting, But You Call the Shots

We do the work for you! Based on your input, our team will suggest and set up custom proven strategies that bring you automatic growth and success. You get to decide what actions are taken and when are specific contacts triggered.

All Your Data Remains Completely Secured

We follow all the strict security protocols Intuit enforces to make sure your data stays secured and confidential. None of your data is shared, as it remains yours and only yours.

Our Expertise. Your Insight. Win-Win!

By putting together our expertise and your business knowledge insight, we will achieve big things together. Feedb is not just a smart tool, you get the full power of the humans behind it at no extra charge!

Try It Free!

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Some of the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Feedb and QBO:

Automate Feedback & Review Requests with QBO Triggers

Request customer feedback and reviews after a service is completed by using QBO triggers like “new invoice created”, “invoice sent” and others and know who is happy or not and why, gaining insights that improve your customer satisfaction

Grow More Positive Reviews

Let unhappy customers vent and communicate through a private channel, It’s like having a shield against negative reviews that protects your public image and gives you another communication channel

Increase Repeat Business

Grow repeat purchases by sending coupons by email or SMS with short expiration dates after the first purchase

Win back lost customers

Send special follow-up messages and offers x many days after the last invoice was recorded

Segment Your Customer Database Automatically

Filter customers based on QBO activity with custom tags using live automation's ex. “When last invoice is more than 365 days, tag customers as “LOST”

Wow Your Customers

Send Holiday messages or birthday wishes on significant dates without any effort, keeping your customers closer to you and further away from the competition

Pre-Scheduled Email Marketing

Pre-made newsletters and easy to edit emails

SMS Offers and Review Requests

Send review requests and coupons by E-mail and SMS automatically when defined events are triggered in QBO

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