May 14 2021

New: Smileys, Stars, Thumbs and more!

Up until now the Net Promoter Score in a scale of 1 to 10 has been the only rating style available in Feedb. Also, the question asked has always been the same: "How likely are you to recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?". With our new release you can now edit the feedback …
Mar 24 2021

New: Automations based on QuickBooks Online Estimates

Many of our users requested the ability to use QuickBooks Online estimates as triggers in automations created in Feedb to automate follow ups to estimates sent. We listened and now QBO estimates are part of the integration. The new triggers are:  "estimate sent", "estimate created", "estimate approved", estimate rejected". Now you can create messages for …
Feb 12 2021

New: Supercharged Feedback and Review Request Reminders

We have supercharged the reminder section to automate the follow up of customers that don't respond to a feedback or review request the first time they are asked. Now, you can set up up to 4 auto reminders and pick the timing of each and even whether to send it via email or SMS. We …
Jan 06 2021

New: Multi-Account Access

With this new release now you can easily access multiple Feedb accounts from one login. This feature will be very useful for marketing agencies in charge of managing more than one Feedb account or users with multiple businesses. To grant access to your account or request access to another account just go to "My accounts" …
Nov 03 2020

New: More than one business location? Feedb got you covered!

After months of testing and development we are happy to announce that Feedb Multi-Location is here!  If your business has more than one location you can now manage all contacts, feedback gathering, reputation development, email marketing and offers management from one Feedb account. This new capability is ready to be turned on to any account …
Dec 20 2019

Creating and Scheduling A Mass Email Message with Feedb in 2 Mins

See how easy it is to create and send a personalized email message to all your contacts or specific segments in under 2 minutes with the Feedb pre-made email templates, the drag and drop editor, and the scheduling functionality.

Nov 26 2019

New: Manual and Automated Online Review Requests

We are excited to announce the new feature that just went live: Direct Review Requests. Now, it is super easy to manually or automatically request a review thru Feedb with the convenient review site links so your customers are only a click or a tap away from leaving you a review.

Sep 20 2019

3 Reasons To Ask For Customer Feedback

Your business will make more money if your customers are happier. But how do you keep your customers happy? How do you even know what your customers like or dislike about your product? Ask them. Today, customers have more control, more options, and higher expectations than ever. If you run your own business I know …

Aug 28 2019
New Feedb badge and widget

New Optimized Review Badge and Review Widget

We are happy to announce the brand new way to better display the 1st party reviews you get from Feedb.

May 27 2019
QBO deeper integration and tags

Deeper QuickBooks Online Integration and Tags in Automation

If you are using our QuickBooks Online integration and use classes in your Quickbooks account you will be happy to hear now you can use Quickbooks item or invoice classes in your Feedb  automations as a condition. So now you can apply actions only to triggers that have or don’t have a specific class, like …