New: Automations based on QuickBooks Online Estimates

Avatar photo by David Serna on March 24, 2021

Many of our users requested the ability to use QuickBooks Online estimates as triggers in automations created in Feedb to automate follow ups to estimates sent.

We listened and now QBO estimates are part of the integration. The new triggers are:  “estimate sent”, “estimate created”, “estimate approved”, estimate rejected”.

Now you can create messages for each situation and have Feedb automatically send them saving you valuable time and increasing teh chances of closing a deal.

For example, you can create an automation with the trigger “estimate sent”  and the status “pending” and a delay of 3 days. For the action you can pick a message you compose for this particular automation.  This way Feedb will send the message when an estimate is sent and still shows as pending after 3 days.

Please let us know what you think!