Mar 12 2018

How do I use my own email address as the from when sending email?

When requesting feedback via email or sending other email messages or offers from your Feedb account you will notice the “from” email used is something like while the “reply to” email is your own email address.

Feb 02 2018
New Plain Text Email Template Option on Feedb

New: Plain Text and Company Email Templates

We have noticed that “plain text” looking email messages are way more effective at engaging with your audience.

Jan 27 2018
plain text email vs html templates

Why Plain Text Looking Emails Beat Fancy Email Templates

When it comes to email marketing the key is to keep your messages simple and focused.

Jan 05 2018
Delay option for QuickBooks feedback requests

Option to Delay Automated Feedback Requests with the QuickBooks Online Integration

Thanks to the feedback of some of our QuickBooks online users that created an invoice or marked it as paid before the actual product/service was delivered we have added the option to delay the automated feedback request.

Dec 21 2017
The Importance of Including Your Address in Emails | Feedb

The Importance of Including Your Physical Address in Emails

Email is one of the most effective ways to establish communication with customers and also to reach more people who may be interested in your products or services.

Dec 10 2017
5 reasons why you must request customer feedback

5 Reasons Why You Must Request Customer Feedback

As a service business you should request feedback from your customers often. It has many benefits including the chance to get testimonials and/or customer referrals.

Nov 08 2017

Multiply Your Online Reviews with “Review Redirect”

A new feedback flow is now available in Feedb, it is called “Review Redirect” and has been proven to be a powerful way to multiply the number of positive reviews that you get in websites like Yelp and Google.

Oct 27 2017
Feedback Request Process Steps

New: Step Options for the Customer Feedback Request Process

A new section called “Steps” has been just added to the feedback settings menu so you can easily customize the steps your contacts will take when providing a rating based on what outcomes are important to you.

Oct 06 2017
Email Spam

Why are my emails landing in the spam folder?

E-mail delivery is complicated, there is an ongoing battle to fight legitimate spam that affects many legitimate emails that are actually not spam, like the one you are sending.

Jul 24 2017

New: Stop Letting Customer Testimonials Fall Through the Cracks!

Do you remember the last email from a customer sending you a great comment about your company by email? If so, you probably remember how it got buried in your inbox.