New Automation Section Grows Your Business Automatically

We are happy to announce the launch of a section we have been working on for a while. The new “Automations” section is designed to help you grow your business sending one-on-one personalized email and SMS messages when certain triggers occur.

An automation consists of 2 elements: a trigger and an action and each trigger and action have specific options. You can create new automatons from scratch or use premade automations we have put together for the most common cases.

We will be adding more triggers but as of now these are the available triggers:

Rating  recevied

You can set up automations like when a rating of 8 or more is received send a 10% off coupon 2 days later or when any rating is received send a thank you message, the possibilities are endless

Feedback requested

You could send an offer 2 days after feedback is requested as an incentive for another transaction and then another one 60 days later as a reminder for example.

These are the additional triggers available when you have an integration with QuickBooks Online:

Quickbooks invoice created

This one is great to automate the process of requesting

Quickbooks invoice paid

Last Quickbooks invoice created

Last Quickbooks invoice paid

The idea is to make it easy for Feedb to work hard on your behalf with the settings you provide so your word of mouth, referral and repeat business grows automatically!





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