Best Timing and Ways to Request Customer Feedback

As a business owner you want more online reviews. They help building trust for your brand separating it from the competition and directly increasing your word of mouth sales.

By actively developing your online reputation you will become a driving force of the amount of reviews you will attract. Requesting feedback from your customers is a great way to keep a pulse on the level of satisfaction they experience and also a great way to get them to review your business.

Here are the keys points of when and how to request customer feedback:

Get it while it’s hot

Whenever a customer shares with you their positive experience with your business  you have struck gold! That customer has shown initiative, the ball is in your court to follow through and take action by immediately sending a feedback request or even a review request via email or sms

Touch base after every transaction

There is no better time to get good feedback than right after your customer experienced a full transaction with your company. A payment was made and the value was delivered, your company is fresh on the customer’s mind, time to touch base with a feedback request!

Stay in contact During the Holidays

Seasons and Holidays are when most businesses turn everyday business into a period of massive discount induced marketing. Perfect, so let’s step outside of the box!

Giving a twist with something a tad bit different will draw more attention to your correspondence. It may sound out of place to send a request on thanksgiving but surprisingly it’s not… People know businesses thrive and grow on reviews they receive. Being genuine about the request can get you those precious, business boosting reviews.

Don’t forget to follow up

As a business owner , you will have to time your actions accordingly your obtain your desired results. A follow up with your customer is a MUST with a thank you and a request for a review if appropriate. With Feedb the follow up process can be completely automated

Make requesting customer feedback an automated part of your process

Engraving feedback and reviews in your everyday process is the best way to  ensure success. The key is to use automation so your workload is not affected. Feedb helps your business request feedback online, via email or SMS with automated triggers that save your most precious resource: time!.

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