How do I use my own email address as the from when sending email?

When requesting feedback via email or sending other email messages or offers from your Feedb account, you will notice the “from” email used is something like while the “reply to” email is your own email address.

Email when not authenticatedWhy does it work that way?

Because in the complicated email universe, the domain used in the “from” email address has to match the domain of the server sending the actual email, in this case our server.

This is a check spam filters do to make sure only legitimate owners of an email are allowed to send emails as themselves.

How do I use my own email as the “from”?

Using your own email as the “from” is highly recommended because not only makes it easier for your contacts to recognize who is sending the email but also makes spam filters trust the email more. To make that happen you have to “authenticate your domain” inside Feedb which is the accepted process by email providers of confirming that email coming from you is really coming from you as long as it is sent through an authenticated app, in this case Feedb.

What are the Steps to take?

The process is fast and easy, just go to the “email settings” option in the settings menu of your Feedb account and in the “email deliverability” section pick the option  “I will manage my own authentication”.

authenticating your domain

Then, enter your domain name to add it. You will get 3 lines of CNAME records that you will need to add to the host records of your domain. To add these records, you will need to log in to the account of the company where you registered your domain.

Depending on which company you use (GoDaddy, Google Domains, Enom, etc.) the exact instructions will vary, but basically you will need to go to the domain management console and look for the way to add or modify DNS records. Check with the particular company you’re using for instructions.

Once the records are added to your domain registrar, you can click on “validate DNS records” in the email settings section of your Feedb account and a green checkmark will show to confirm everything went well. Sometimes it makes take a few mins or hours for the domain change to propagate, but most times it is almost immediate.

If you need help setting this up, contact support, and we will do it for you in an online meeting sharing the screen.

Now, you are ready to send email as coming from your exact email address!

What if I don’t have a private domain email?

If you are using a free email provider for your email address, you won’t be able to authenticate a domain. It is very important that you set up an email account using your domain name. It is a best practice and a must when sending mass emails. Here is more about the issues of free email providers

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