Jan 06 2016

Great News: We’ve Just Been Featured on BetaList!

It seems like we’re starting the year off with the right foot! Feedb has just been featured on BetaList and we’re really excited about it. Thank you, BetaList!

Jan 06 2016

DMARC and Free Email Providers

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance” and it is a domain’s authentication policy statement that informs receiving servers what they should do if an email fails SPF or DKIM authentication.

Oct 30 2015

Feedb + QuickBooks Online: The Perfect Match To Keep Your Business Organized

QuickBooks is the #1 rated small business accounting software that helps business owners and managers organize their finances all in one place.

Oct 28 2015

New Feature: Dropbox Email Addresses

With the new Feedb dropbox email address feature you are now able to attach email conversations to your contacts in Feedb just by adding your personal dropbox email address to the bcc field when sending an email.

Aug 07 2015

Join Feedb at Web Summit MX 2015!

At feedb, we’re more than excited to announce our participation as speakers and sponsors in the second edition of Web Summit MX!

Jul 02 2015
SMS asking for review

How to Get Your Customers to Post Positive Reviews in 3 Steps

Smile, be nice and do little unexpected things that your customers appreciate.

Oct 10 2014

Feedb Is Ready For Private Beta Testing!

We are super excited to announce that after over a year of development feedb is ready for beta testing.

Oct 07 2014

The 3 Key Elements to Attract More Customer Referrals

Your business already attracts some referral business and for obvious reasons you love those referrals.

Jun 12 2014
Referral Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing

Referral Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing

Here is a post to provide some good insight about the difference of these 2 similar but completely different terms.