SMS asking for review

How to Get Your Customers to Post Positive Reviews in 3 Steps

SMS asking for review

Step  1: Do a great job and go the extra mile whenever possible.

Smile, be nice and do little unexpected things that your customers appreciate.

Step 2: Request feedback every time after you complete a transaction with a customer and let the customer know about the upcoming feedback request.

This is the best way to filter happy campers from unsatisfied customers.

It gives you a chance to filter your customer base by level of satisfaction and to approach each type appropriately (request an online review from satisfied customers, call or email customers with issues to make things right).

Step 3:  Ask for a review once satisfaction has been expressed

If you already know your customer is happy mention how much a public review means to your business. After the positive feedback is received you can send a follow up email thanking your customer and suggesting an online review. You can even throw in a thank you coupon to attract more repeat business.

The key is to incorporate these 3 steps into your process and use every opportunity whenever satisfaction is expressed to get online reviews into the conversation. It’s a numbers game, while most customers won’t post a review some will and overtime your reviews will keep growing at a faster pace than the competition.

At Feedb we have seen that businesses that mention the feedback request to the customer at the time the transaction takes place receive a lot more feedback submissions. You can motivate your team by giving a bonus every time customer feedback is received or every time a positive review is published. Have your team tell customers to include their names when submitting feedback and instruct the same in your follow up email template to include your staff names in the online reviews.


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