The 3 Key Elements to Attract More Customer Referrals

Your business already attracts some referral business and for obvious reasons you love those referrals. The fact is with the right system in place you can quickly multiply the amount of referral business your company gets.

Here are the 3 key elements you need to make it happen:

1. Identify the customers that love your business

Only satisfied, happy customers will refer you to their friends and family. It is important that you know who is satisfied and happy with your company before you start asking. Ask an unsatisfied customer for a referral and you will really piss him off.

So, what is an effective way of identifying satisfied customers? A quick feedback form can be a great tool to accomplish this. With feedb, our referral marketing system you can easily request feedback and sort your customer list by level of satisfaction.

2. Communicate the fact that you want customers to refer you

Really? yes, really! we all get some referral business without ever asking anyone but the fact is that to get more we need to make it clear that we would love to be referred. believe it or not most customers won’t even know until they hear it.

It can be embarrassing to ask, especially if the question is popped at the wrong time (like before they have a chance to experience your value delivery). With feedb, you can softly ask satisfied customers to spread the word without having to say a word and using optimal timing (right after they disclose their level of satisfaction).

3. Make it easy for customers to refer you

OK, so now you know who loves your business and your fans already know you want referrals… at this point the easier you make it for them to spread the word the more referrals you will attract.

Passing business cards doesn’t cut it anymore. How about letting your customers pass a valuable deal to their friends with just a click or two? That is exactly what feedb does, provide value for friends being referred by your customers with minimal effort on their part.

Try out feedb Free for 30 days (no credit card required), get a copy our Free feedb book to learn more about how to multiply the referrals you currently get and book a Free 1 on 1 consultation with one of our referral marketing experts to get specific referral marketing consulting for your business.


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