5 reasons why you must request customer feedback

5 Reasons Why You Must Request Customer Feedback

There is a reason why all the big brands out there actively request customer feedback any chance they can… the cost of not doing it is just too high!

With Feedb, you don’t need to be a big brand to engrave actively requesting customer feedback into your process. We have made customer feedback easy for you and your customers and super cost effective to it can fit into the smallest of budgets.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you must request customer feedback so you don’t miss on all its benefits:

1. Give your customers a voice to help you improve your product or service and show how much you value their opinions

Your customers are the ultimate intelligence source in your business. Requesting feedback is one of the best ways to tap into that source. By constantly improving your customer experience you will keep making your company better and more successful without having to pay expensive outside consultants.

2.  Monitor and measure customer satisfaction

Requesting feedback thru Feedb gives you an exact metric called Net Promoter Score that can be used to assess the levels of customer satisfaction at any given time and using stored data to compare different periods.

3. Identify your promoters, passives, and detractors

By identifying who your raving fans are, your not so impressed clients and your truly dissatisfied ones you will be able to address each segment with the appropriate actions and messages to make the best out of each case, being able to even turn former detractors into new promoters or at least contain the damage of a negative customer experience.

4. Improve your online reputation

By actively requesting feedback you are able to positively influence your overall online reputation by developing higher levels of customer satisfaction and mitigating frustrating experiences before they go public.

5. Grow!

More new business, more repeat business, higher prospect conversion and less lost business are direct benefits of ongoingly requesting feedback as part of your daily process.

Hopefully, by now you are a believer in the powers of customer feedback. As you can see, the cost of not requesting it is too high and the benefits too good to be missed.

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