New: Stop Letting Customer Testimonials Fall Through the Cracks!

Do you remember the last email from a customer sending you a great comment about your company by email? If so, you probably remember how it got buried in your inbox. Now, with the new way to add manual feedback inside Feedb you will be able to rescue all those kind words from all those amazing customers by letting them shine out in the world!

Maybe the only thing you remember is that nasty email from that guy you wish you had forgotten by now… well, Feedb can help with that too 🙂 You can add it as a negative feedback so you know who doesn’t love you and why and can use that data the next time you send a message to your audience, like for example avoiding sending to him and other unhappy contacts.

With Feedb’s manual feedback you can easily add feedback from customers given in any outside channel like an email, an SMS or a casual conversation. You can choose to keep it private or publish it in your Feedb Microsite or your own website thru the Feedb website widget. Asking your contact for permission to publish is recommended. Oh and all published feedback will be optimized with all the stuff Google likes.

Another great way to use this new feature is to easily load all the reviews obtained thru other services like Demand Force into Feedb so they don’t get lost after you close the account. Feedb lets you backdate all data entered to keep every feedback or review exactly the same as it was in the previous system.

Check out this video to see the new feature in action:

How to add customer feedback manually to Feedb from Feedb on Vimeo.

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