Oct 27 2017
Feedback Request Process Steps

New: Step Options for the Customer Feedback Request Process

A new section called “Steps” has been just added to the feedback settings menu so you can easily customize the steps your contacts will take when providing a rating based on what outcomes are important to you.

Oct 06 2017
Email Spam

Why are my emails landing in the spam folder?

E-mail delivery is complicated, there is an ongoing battle to fight legitimate spam that affects many legitimate emails that are actually not spam, like the one you are sending.

Jul 24 2017

New: Stop Letting Customer Testimonials Fall Through the Cracks!

Do you remember the last email from a customer sending you a great comment about your company by email? If so, you probably remember how it got buried in your inbox.

Jul 12 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why Guest Feedback is Crucial for Restaurants

In the restaurant industry honest guest feedback is gold, it will help you fix issues you may be completely blind to before it is too late.

Jun 30 2017

SMS Text Message Customer Feedback Requests and Other Improvements

We are super excited to announce that the  new SMS feedback requests are now fully launched across the entire Feedb platform.

Jun 26 2017
Text Marketing | Feedb

Top 7 Advantages of Text Marketing for Any Size Business

Implementing appropriate marketing strategies is key for the success of any business, but with so many options to chose from, it is understandable to feel a little lost in the choosing process.

Apr 30 2017

Your Own Website As a Review Source in Google

Google allows you to get your own reviews directly from customers and gives you the chance to be seen as your own review source given that you keep it real and optimized with the tagging that makes it easy for them to crawl.

Apr 26 2017
Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score Arrives at Feedb

We are happy to report that the Net Promoter Score system has been now implemented inside Feedb to make it easier for you to measure and track customer satisfaction and loyalty down to a proven number.

Mar 02 2017

New Feature: Schedule Messages

Now you can easily schedule a message to be sent at a later date and time with a couple of clicks! This is a great way to create mass emails or individual messages whenever is convenient for you and send at the right day and time with minimum effort.

Feb 09 2017
Customer Relationship | Feedb

What is a CRM and How it Can Help Your Small Business

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is one of the most valuable systems that any business, regardless of its size, can implement and benefit from.